We are making protected but lost inventions assessable, removing all of the obstacles that usually stand in front of IP professionals like you. inventtory is bringing a new meaning to the two words that drove us to begin our journey – invention & inventory. To do this, we are creating a platform which returns Intellectual Property rights to their original purpose: encouraging inspiration for future inventors. You and other

members of this community will have access to a library of developed technology rights that are often misaligned with their owners. Creative people and professional organisations from around the world will be able to use this platform to monetise protected invention. inventtory.com’s smart patent generator guides you in capturing all relevant patent data. Within a few mouse clicks, you have uploaded and published a patent family.

The platform automatically generates searchable tombstones tailored and featured according to your sales needs. inventtory.com manages all contractual, VAT and payment issues based on the buyer and seller profile. An online digital contract with all legal terms seals your deal. Your innovative user dashboard allows you to track your transactions and indirectly interact with counterparties.