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Fence panel clamp
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Fence panel clamp for concrete posts
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A fence panel clamp 10 comprises at least one expandable member 80 arranged to expand in a gap 300 between a fence panel 220 and a fence post 210. The clamp secures the panel to a channel of typically an H-section post, preventing the panel from rattling and from being slid out of the groove. The clamp may further comprise: a brace member 20; supporting arms (fig 1, 30,40); a retainer 140 that engages the panel; an expanding member 80: a lip 110; and a threaded bolt 132 to expand the clamp. Expanding member 80 may comprise differently arranged triangular portions (fig 1, 90: fig 6, 90 and fig 7, 90). An aperture (fig 1, 55) may be arranged in the form of a slot and can be used to attach objects such as lights, signs and flower baskets to the post.
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1. A fence panel clamp comprising at least one expandable member arranged, when fitted to a fence post, to expand in a gap between a fence panel and a fence post.