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A service provider generates digital records of calendar events with respect to its clients using its own data, and automatically transfers these records to portable digital devices of the clients. Preferably, the service provider maintains a computer system or terminal at the point of personal contact with the client, which is also used to track service provider operations. The provider's computer system automatically generates an event record in a format for use by the client, from data in the computer system used to track service provider operations. Preferably, the service provider maintains a list of clients and their associated portable digital device interface type. The provider's computer system generates an appropriate calendar event, and formats and transmits it according to the client's interface type. The service provider may include with the calendar event any associated data which might be useful to the client, such as the telephone number of the service provider, hours of service, instructions for something the client should do, etc. In one example, the service provider is a public library, and event records are borrowed item information. In another example, the service provider is a health care provider, and event records are appointments for health care services. The present invention thus achieves greater integration of relatively large computer systems with portable digital devices.

Claim 1:

A method for recording calendar events, comprising the steps of:
maintaining service provider data for operation of a service provider in a service provider computer system, said service provider providing services to a plurality of clients, said services being other than data processing services;
automatically generating a calendar event record for a client of said service provider from said service provider data, said automatically generating step being performed by said service provider computer system, said calendar event record being formatted for use by a portable digital device of said client, said calendar event record containing information of a calendar event relating to said services provided by said service provider to said client; and
transmitting said calendar event record directly from said service provider computer system to said portable digital device.