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IBM - US7134139 - System and method for authenticating block level cache access on network
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A data cache for an iSCSI network caches block-level data from WAN servers for use by clients (e.g., LANs). The cache authenticates itself to the WAN servers, and authenticates clients requesting cache access. Mechanisms are provided to prevent clients from accessing cached data intended for other clients.

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A cache device including a local data storage for fulfilling requests for block storage from at least one client to at least one block storage server, the device including logic for undertaking method acts comprising:
maintaining, in the local data storage, an ephemeral copy of at least one write block written from at least a write client to the server;
subsequently writing the write block to the server from the local data storage;
authenticating at least a first client, prior to permitting access to data in the local data storage.