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IBM - US7177929 - Persisting node reputations in transient network communities
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Methods, systems, and computer program products are disclosed for persisting node reputations in a transient peer-to-peer networking environment where communities have ad hoc participants. Persistent identifiers are defined for nodes, allowing nodes to be identified across sessions and invocations, even though they re-enter the network with a different network address. Paths taken by content resources as they traverse the network (e.g. which nodes forwarded the content) are persisted, along with reputation information about nodes (e.g. indicating how successful they are at answering queries from peers). Trust relationships can be derived using the persisted information. A tiered broadcast strategy is defined for reducing the number of messages exchanged. Preferred embodiments leverage a web services implementation model.

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A method of persisting a node's reputation in a network having transient network communities where a collection of the nodes making up the network may change over time, comprising steps of:
using a persistent node identifier for each node in the network, even though a different network address may be assigned to the node upon entering the network multiple times;
creating a mapping between the persistent node identifier of each node and a current network address used by that node; and
recording results of each node's behavior as it interacts with other nodes in the network, wherein the mapping allows associating the behavior with the node even though its current network address may change.