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IBM - US8577806 - Method, system, and computer program product for digital verification of collected privacy policies in electronic transactions
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Parties involved in transacting business in an E-marketplace (E-marketplace participants) each identify and submit to the E-marketplace their P3P policy and/or other relevant characteristics related to their privacy policy needs (those that they adhere to, referred to as "privacy policies"; those that they require, referred to as "privacy preferences", or both). Submitted with the privacy policy is a digital signature that is tied to the owner of the web objects to which the privacy policy pertains. Using a digital signature assures the integrity of the privacy policy since it travels with the privacy policy and thus refers back to the original sender of the policy rather than the middleman (the E-marketplace), and if the document (the privacy policy) to which it is attached has been tampered with, the digital signature will be invalidated.

Claim 1:

A method of conducting electronic commerce transactions among participants in an E-marketplace, comprising the steps of:
obtaining digitally-signed privacy-use information for each participant; and
sharing the digitally-signed privacy-use information with any participants interested in doing business with each other in the E-marketplace.