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Workshop hoist and linear actuator for moving a lifting arm in a horizontal plane
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Workshop hoist with powered lateral movement
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A hoist, e.g. a workshop hoist suitable for hoisting engines and the like, comprises a support 30 supporting a lifting arm 40. Lifting arm 40 has a mounting region 35 mounted upon the housing 430 of an actuator 140. In use, actuator 140 moves the mounting region of the arm relative to the support in a direction having at least a horizontal component. The hoist further comprises a fulcrum 36 to allow the lifting arm to pivotally rotate about the actuator. Actuator 140 may comprise an elongate element 410 and a divider 420 dividing the housing 430 into two portions having chambers 500, 510. Each portion is provided with a fluid duct 460 and port 465 to allow fluid to be moved into and out of chambers 500, 510 to cause housing 430 to move relative to elongate element 410. Housing 430 may rotate about elongate element 410.; Movement of actuator 140 in a horizontal direction causes lifting arm 40 to pivot about lifting rod 340.
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1. A hoist comprising a support arranged to support a lifting arm and a lifting arm having at least one mounting region wherein the mounting region is mounted upon at least one actuator, which in use, moves the mounting region of the arm, relative to the support, in a direction having at least a horizontal component, the hoist further comprising a fulcrum arranged to allow the lifting arm to rotate about the actuator